GRC Registration 

You can register your child for the God Rocks Cafe here.

If you are logged in, your personal details will be provide for you below. Being logged allows us to accept your consent online. 

You can read more about the God Rocks Cafe here

You can find a copy of our Safeguarding Policy at

To save duplication and errors, most of the information we need is stored in your main ChurchInsight Records.

Please go to your families records now and check that they are up to date. 

The details below are taken from your account.

If any of them are wrong, please correct them using this link and then reload this page.

If you have not already, please provide us with

  • Your family doctor's name
  • You family doctor's address
  • Your family doctors phone number
  • Information about any allergies, medications, or other things that we should know
  • Photo-permissions

If you have provided them before, please check everyone this correct using this link

Parent's details

Email Address:    


I give consent for  to attend the God Rocks Cafe. 

Additional Needs

Does your child have any additional needs we can / you would like us to be aware of?

Examples might include; Scared of loud noises (might need ear defenders), bright lights / colour sensitivity. Please enter 'None' if appropriate.

Offsite activities 

I give consent for my child to go offsite with the group on a Sunday morning

Messy Activities

 I understand that some activities will be messy and will ensure my child is dressed appropriately.


For Children in KS3 ONLY

Arriving and leaving 

Personal records

I have checked that my child's medical information and photo permissions are up to date on Church Insight.