Prayer Chain 

The Holy Trinity prayer chain is open to anyone who is connected to the Holy Trinity Community. While the prayer requests that come through this mailing list are not confidential, please treat them with discretion.

You can join the prayer chain, and receive email prayer requests, by updating your Mailing Preferences and selecting the Trinity Prayer Chain check box. You will need to click on the button 'Save Preferences' for this change to take effect.

Prayer Chain requests are normally short and factual. They also normally relate to someone directly connected to a member of the conregation, i.e. the relationship can be described in one step. This might might a friend, a grandchild, a work colleague etc. We would not generally communicate prayer requests for those who are two or more steps away from the congregation. For example, we do not generally forward prayer requests for the friend of a friend etc. 

Prayer chain emails will normally have a subject line that begins [Prayer Chain], and be signed by the person who has sent the message. If you are member of the Holy Trinity ChurchInsight database you should receive prayer chain items in an email addressed to you personally.


Tim Phillips, 25/02/2019