An introduction to the new format for Trinity Life from 2019 

From 2019 Trinity Life, the magazine of Holy Trinity, is moving online, with an email version and a paper induction published each month. 

In a changing world, the Holy Trinity Parochial Church Council are aware that we have been printing many copies of pages with the same information, month in month out, much of which may not be of value to our church members and others who pick up a copy or receive it through their door.

For environmental reasons this seems wasteful. It is also expensive and, sadly the information is out of date, almost as soon as it is printed. For these reasons, and some others, we are moving almost all of our magazine online. 

To help with the transition to the new format, we have structured the online magazine in a similar way to the print edition has been organised for some years. 

You can use the side bar to the right of this page (if you are on a large screen device) or the drop down menu at the top of the screen (if you are using a smaller device) to see each section of the magazine. 

As a new feature of this online magazine you are able to interact and leave comments (if you are logged in). 

Tim Phillips


The Purpose of Trinity Life

The purpose of our magazine is to communicate accurately information about the life of our church community. 
I hold the editorial responsibility for the magazine on behalf of the PCC (Parochial Church Council).

Submitting articles or events

We to include articles that either have strong local interest or are written by local people. Please e-mail contributions to Emma Harris in the Church Office using  It helps us if contributions consist simply of text and, if you would like, one or two images. Please do not format the text (e.g. fonts, colours etc.) as this won't be transferred to the webpages. 

Diana Saunders


Tim Phillips, 08/11/2018