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Ashby foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust and provides food to people who hold a voucher. If you do not know an organisation that can issue you with a voucher, please call the foodbank manager on 07542118878

Covid-19 Update

Please see the page for other updates during the Covid-19 crisis, to volunteer or suggest ideas for helping others during the crisis.

From Monday 23 March Ashby foodbank will be offering three sessions a week ALL at Ashby Congregational Church
Day Location Opening Closing
Tuesday Ashby Congregational Church 9:00am 10:30am
Wednesday Ashby Congregational Church 9:00am 10:30am
Friday Measham Baptist Church 9:00am 10:00am
Friday Ashby Congregational Church 2:00pm 3:30pm

There will be NO sessions at Woodville or Measham
In the next ten days, Ashby foodbank can help people in crisis at the following locations

Volunteer Information

If you would like to help with Ashby foodbank, please email the foodbank Manager after reading about our volunteer process, where you can also find the link to the forms.


Referrer's Information

If you would like to become and Ashby foodbank referral partner, so you can refer clients to Ashby foodbank, please contact our Referrer Relationship Manager, Ken Garner and our Referrer Relationship Enabler, Alan Sedgeman will come and visit your organisation. 


A poster for your place of work, saying that you can be asked for a foodbank voucher.


For organisations that are already registered with us, and need to collect food parcels on behalf of clients, you can request a collection using the form at You will need to provide the completed red voucher when you collect the food.


For a few of our partner organisations that are unable to get to Ashby foodbank we are able to offer a Tuesday delivery service.

You can register your organisations for foodbank Deliveries here

Once registered (and approved) for this service organisations can also request a foodbank delivery here

Donor's Information

We are very grateful to the many people and organisations who donate food (and finances) to Ashby foodbank.
You can seen more about our current needs at
We also have a poster you can print our and put up to thank people who have donated via your organisation. 
If you would like to give financially to the work of Ashby foodbank, please see our foodbank Giving Page

More information

There is more information about Ashby foodbank at