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We're planting an exciting new community gardening project, to be launched later this summer. We'll be getting together to grow, gather, and give away flowers and food, to bless others.

New connections and community

We’ll be bringing together plants and people, to inspire new connections and community.

Over time, this pioneering project will become host to a number of initiatives, which we hope to see come to life over the next year.

Bringing things to life

From cultivating a new church allotment, sharing jam jars of flowers, opening a wellbeing cafe, and hosting a range of events and workshops to enjoy with others, we’ll be sowing some seeds, helping these put down good roots and tending shoots of new life as they grow.

If you're part of our local Trinity church family and would like to find out more, help shape the development of The Garden Room and find out how you can get involved, you can sign up for our email mailing list and to a new group in Lighthouse (our Trinity online community).

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When you sign up to the mailing list, or join The Garden Room group in Lighthouse, we’ll share more about a pilot project we’ve been running this summer, as a foretaste of our journey ahead.

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